Exploring the Merchant Adventurers

The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall has been in continuous use for 660 years. Every major historical period during that time is shown in some way in the fabric of the building and its collections.

The Hall offers subject based Guided Tours by knowledgeable dedicated Hall staff or curriculum based workshops with the JORVIK Group . For more details on the Guided Tours please click here, for information on the workshops please see below:


Take a tour of the Hall
Find out about its history and the people that met here to conduct their business. Following your tour choose a specifically designed workshop to complement your visit:

Trade and Exploration
Learn about guilds, Tudor trade and exploration in this fun workshop.

Dance workshops
Learn dances from Tudor Englan in this fun and lively workshop.

Tudor Medicine
A chance to learn about Tudor medicine and how illness and ailments were treated hundreds of years ago.



Booking Details

Prices and other details including booking your visit can be made directly with the JORVIK Group. Contact them here:
Telephone: 01904 615505 or e-mail: groups@yorkat.co.uk