We are certain that for most of you, this information doesn’t come as a surprise but we now have a fantastic study to back it up; visiting the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall is good for your health!


The study, conducted in early 2022 by Amy Luck and Dr Faye Sayer from the Manchester Centre for Public History and Heritage and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council studied the impact of the Hall on visitor wellbeing.


The results show that the Hall had a “measurable and significant impact on visitors’ subjective wellbeing”, broken down it states the following:
  • Increased positive feelings and reduced negative feelings.
  • Visitors felt increased interest and attentiveness, engagement, meaning and purpose.
  • Visitors felt prouder and more optimistic.
  • Those who visited the Hall felt happier and more satisfied with their lives.
  • Visitors felt more active.
There are many positives that we can take away from this report but there is also so much more we can achieve, so watch this space!


We leave the final word to a visitor who talked about their time at the Hall and how it enabled them to connect to the, “stream of history and enhances the awareness of that connection – that I am part of a great continuum and a ‘story’…I realise I am not isolated, but part of a wider tapestry which is still unfolding.”


Please click MAH Wellbeing Report if you would like to read the study in full.