Monday 4th April 2022 to Friday 31st March 2023

Follow The Two Rivers trail at the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall and discover the legacy of the rivers of York.


Without the River Ouse and River Foss; the Merchant Adventurers, their Hall and the City of York would not exist.


Through this trail and the Hall’s unique collections, explore the legacy of the rivers from fortune and flood, exploration and opportunity to fashion and commerce.
A stained glass panel showing Old Ouse Bridge and a sail boat.

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The trail allows you to explore the history of the rivers in more depth by using your smart phone or tablet.


By scanning QR codes along the trail, discover new stories and photos of how the two rivers of York intertwine with the lives of its inhabitants.



Monday 4th April 2022 to Friday 31st March 2023



The Two Rivers trail is included in the Hall’s admission charge. For more information on visiting the Hall please click here.

A view of Old Ouse Bridge, painted in 1784
  • What happened when the frozen River Ouse thawed causing a flood in the Tudor period?


  • Who was Marion Kent and how did she make her fortune on the rivers of York?


  • When did it get so cold that the residents of York could skate on the rivers?


  • Where was Old Ouse Bridge? The site of the earliest recorded public toilets in Yorkshire!


The Merchant Adventurers' Hall flooded in 1982