Reviewing how we approach “Enterprise Education”


Most activities furthering Enterprise Education have paused for the time being. This is for two main reasons; firstly schools have, in the main, focused on core curriculum subjects as they recover from school closure and distributed learning during the worse periods of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Secondly, the Company, in  reviewing the outcomes of the programme of support wish to focus more close to home and work is underway to forge a partnership with the University of York and the York Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) to  promote business education in the age group 16 –18 years. In addition, the Company propose to launch a Merchant Adventurers Experience, again aimed at York schools inviting pupils aged 8-11 to visit the Hall (fully funded by the Company) to broaden and deepen their current studies.


The last element of this initiative is to add a further Discovery Lecture on Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. The current Discovery lectures were held, live and streamed to a significantly bigger audience.



Arts Discovery Lecture – 25th November 2021


Professor Sarah Brown of the University of York and The York Glaziers Trust gave a talk on preserving the Saints of the North – the Conservation of the St Cuthbert Window and its Companions.


This was a well attended lecture with 120 members of the public and 30 Members present. The lecture was filmed and streamed over the internet, where it is still available to a worldwide audience of over 500. You can view the lecture by clicking here.




Science Discovery Lecture – 21st March 2022


Professor Charlie Jeffery (Vice Chancellor) and Professor Ian Graham (Director of Bio Yorkshire) gave a talk addressing Innovation towards a Bio diverse Yorkshire. They described the scientific research taking place in this area, and how it was going to be at the heart of driving discovery-inspired innovation to deliver tangible benefits to tackle climate change, clean energy, and sustainable manufacturing.
This was a thought provoking and well attended lecture, again with a public and Company audience of 150 and a streamed audience of 300 so far. You can view the lecture by clicking here.